Find your Size!



We want to make sure your Seecaas have the perfect fit!


Seecaas only come in Full Sizes.  If you are a full size , that would be your size.  Ex.  If you are a full size 7, order a Seecaas 7.



 We strongly suggest sizing up to the next full size.  Ex. If you are a 7 ½ we suggest going to a Seecaas size 8. 


Do Seecaas work for Wide and Narrow Feet?

 We have received feedback from many customers with feet of all sizes and it has unanimous that they do well for wide, medium and narrow feet.  Even for feet with heel spurs and plantar fasciitis. 

 Will Seecaas need a break in time?


For most women, Seecaas are comfortable from the time they take them out of the pouch. With Seecaas being real leather, some women do prefer to break them in.  To break in your Seecaas, we suggest walking around your house in them and some even prefer to wear thick socks while doing so. After a little while of doing that you should have the perfect fit!

However,  If the fit is not right for you, you can return your Seecaas as long as you have not walked outside in them.  Email us at and our team will be happy to help.