The Perfect Fit

When it comes to choosing your favorite fashionable flat, nothing is more important than the perfect fit. We’ve all been there, right? You want to wear a cute flat for comfort, but you end up with sore heels and scrunched toes!

Designing the Seecaas Ella Flat

When I was designing the Seecaas Ella Flat, I prioritized fit and comfort above all else. As a woman on the go myself, I understand what women need and want! The Seecaas woman is classic and stylish. She puts on her own spin on trends. She’s ambitious and kind, and she leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes!

For the Seecaas woman, we incorporated a few special design details to ensure that your Ella Flats will take you all the places you want to go!

Real Leather Flat

The first step was choosing 100% real, supple leather. Once you break in leather, it will never let you down. That’s why breaking in your Seecaas is so important. With time and wear, the leather forms to your foot to create the perfect fit. 

To speed up the process, we recommend putting on some thick socks, warming up your flats with a blow dryer, then wearing them around the house! The longer you wear them around, the better. Soon you’ll have beautiful flats that are formed perfectly to your feet!

We recommend sizing up if you are normally a half size! For example, if you usually wear a 7.5, we recommend an 8 to give yourself room for the break in process!

Elastic Heel Flat

The next key feature is our elastic heel. Any fashionista who rocks flats knows that the heel can be the most painful part. Not with our Ella Flat! The elastic forms around your heel to be snug but not too snug and prevent slipping.

Almond Toe Flat

Finally, our almond shaped toe is the pièce de résistance. We all want that pointed toe to elongate our legs, but it can be fairly painful to wear all day, right? Our almond shape is the perfect solution! You still get the sleek, high-end look of a point, but your toes get so much more space. Plus, the cap toe is a super classic look and gives a little nod to one of our favorite brands, Chanel!

Removable, Washable Insole

Now, let’s be honest: we all know how wearing any kind of shoes without socks can be! That’s why we made our insole completely removable so that you can toss it in the wash and keep your flats fresh! The insole is also made from recycled thread to lessen our impact on the environment.

Speaking of removable — every pair of Seecaas comes with a unique removable strap. Talk about versatility! You can mix and match these straps between your Ella Flats to compliment whatever style you’re going for that day!

We know you’re going to LOVE the comfort and versatility of your Ella Flats! Remember to break them in for the perfect fit, and be sure to tag us and use #InHerSeecaas so we can see all the places you’re going!


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