The Mission Behind the Shoes

When my husband, Adam, and I were going through the adoption process ourselves, we learned one cold, hard, ugly fact: there are a lot of parents out there who may want to adopt more than anything, but they can’t afford to do so.

Why Are Adoptions So Expensive?

It’s not quite common knowledge that the average adoption costs approximately $40,000. That cost can be a huge roadblock on the journey to build a family. Why are adoptions so expensive? Well, there are a lot of expenses involved that you may not realize you’ll be covering. Domestic adoption costs, for example, might include:

  • government and legal fees
  • counseling with potential birth mothers
  • adoption agency fees
  • birth mother’s expenses (housing, hospital fees, food)
  • traveling to meet prospective birth parents
  • pre- and post-adoption counseling

Raising Money for Adoption Grants

It may seem overwhelming, but at Seecaas, we believe that finances shouldn’t stand in the way of family. That’s why we created the Seecaas Hope for Adoption Foundation. We raise money to give grants for adoption to as many qualified applicants as possible each year. Our goal is to work with our brands and our foundation to aid as many people as we can in experiencing the joy of adoption.

Every time you buy a fabulous Ella Flat or Hope Bracelet from Seecaas or an adorable ensemble from Smocked Polkadot, a portion of the profits go to the Seecaas Hope for Adoption Foundation. We are so, so grateful to everyone who has been a part of making someone’s dreams of a family a reality.

If you want to help build strong families and give children forever homes, you can start with something pretty great — treating yourself to a new pair shoes! With every step you take in your Seecaas, you’ll know that you’ve helped a family step closer to their dream.

Learn More about the Adoption Process!

And if you’d like to learn more about my own adoption journey, check out my newest passion project, The Darling Journey Podcast! We want this podcast to educate and empower listeners to feel the magic of going through the journey of adoption.

In our very first episode, my co-host and friend, Brandi Redmond, and I share how we completed our families with adoption! Brandi and I cannot wait to talk with adoption advocates, experts in the industry, fertility warriors, foster parents, and celebrities who’ve all been touched by different ways to make their forever families complete. We’d love for you to take a listen and subscribe!

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