The Flats Every Fashion Girl Needs

The Flats Every Fashion Girl Needs

The Latest "It" Shoe 

It’s safe to say that the fashion world cannot and will not stop talking about flats! A fashion favorite that is having a serious moment right now, flats are undeniably a trend worth being spotted in these days. But, the resurgence of the ever so popular classic ballet flat is just one of the many reasons that Seecaas‘ Ella Flats are a total shoe in when it comes to landing the ultimate fall style.

Another reason to love these already trending shoes? The fabulous Seecaas girls who continue to strengthen our love for this style and know just how to show them off. These ladies can’t help but serve daily power dressing outfits that are also incredibly easy to re-create, making them that much more relatable. In other words, if there’s one thing we can’t get enough of, it’s their flat-inspired looks. And lucky for us, they never fail to impress.  

Fashion Muses

Thus, when it comes to style advice, there is truly no one better to take it from than our favorite fashion muses. So, this month we’re inspired to style our Seecaas like Alex Meneses, Brandi Redmond, Maddie Poppe, Livy Jeanne, Hannah Grey Ellis, & Maya Kelley. These girls without a doubt confirm that Seecaas are the ideal fashion recipe for any and every occasion as you shift to dressing for the fall season.

Ranging in several styles and colorways, it’s also no surprise that the Ella Flat is such a staple piece for all fashion girls. Ella Flats are not only a must have in every shoe closet but also the key to mastering the beloved flat-style trend. Whether you’re setting the trends in New York City like Maya Kelly, or in the recording studio like Maddie Poppe, the Ella Flats are the way to go – and our favorite Seecaas girls are here to prove it. So… here’s to looking at you ladies – thanks for reminding us that life is way too short to not be wearing Seecaas!


Meet the Seecaas Girls


      Alex Meneses                       Brandi Redmond                       Maddie Poppe



        Livy Jeanne                        Hannah Grey Ellis                        Maya Kelley


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