Staying Fashionable in 2021

Embracing WFH Attire

As fashion consumers are learning to embrace WFH attire, finding the perfect balance between function and style has become a top priority for most. Although I’ve made it a goal to stay connected with my sense of fashion throughout this crazy time, comfort is a must for me when it comes to my WFH wardrobe. Here at Seecaas we value staying fabulously cozy at home, whether in our favorite sweats or favorite jeans. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that no matter what outfit the day calls for, Ella Flats are always the most necessary accessory while making virtually any casual look truly complete. Honestly, I never realized how fun it is to wear shoes at home.

 The "New" Normal

Pre-pandemic times workwear definitely carried a somewhat unexciting connotation given typical office social norms. However, now that most of our homes have become our temporary offices, work attire is definitely experiencing a newfound freedom as a result. In order words, it’s time to find your flair, cultivate your personal style, and express yourself. Thus, as we gravitate toward wearing the things that make us feel our best, fashion is becoming personal than ever. It’s all about finding the pieces that are both simple and chic, as these are the ones that encapsulate what it means to be fashionable these days.  

Land the Perfect Simple Outfit

Seecaas have allowed me to redefine my longstanding definition of what it means to dress cute, as they prove that even the most basic outfits can be stylish when paired with a staple flat. I love how the feminine, yet cool style of the flat effortlessly adds a polished vibe to any outfit and creates a put-together look. Honestly, Ella Flats yield the perfect simple outfit formula and make it easy for you to leave the rest of your ensemble relatively plain. With that being said, I’ve retired all of my heels (no shocker there) and am strictly devoted to wearing all my favorite flat shoes.

Look Good, Feel Good 

Dressing up to stay home is no longer a burden, but rather something that makes me feel genuinely excited about the day ahead. I’ve found that mixing and matching with my favorite styles can be the perfect prelude to any long work day and a great morning mood booster. Trust me, the best way to start your day is by putting on an outfit that makes you look good and feel even better - aka start your day with Seecaas. These flats are here to compliment any outfit and will definitely let you add some personal style into your workday wardrobe.



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