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Lately the meaning of “comfort” has become more important than ever. And since we all know comfort starts with shoes (duh!), we know that shoe shopping prevails to be one of the most stressful, time consuming processes. I mean let’s be honest, I’m sure everyone can admit to spending hours on end trying on dozens of shoes and sizes while desperately trying to find a worthy match. Though I can sympathize with this experience on so many different levels, I am happy to tell you that your ongoing struggle to find a shoe you love is finally over.

Thanks to Seecaas’ Ella Flats, landing the perfect fit just got a whole lot easier. Now those stressful days shoe shopping are in the past and the Ella Flats are here to take you all the places you want to go – stylishly and comfortably. Best of all, Seecaas’ Ella Flats are uniquely made for fashionable women on the go (aka. Seecaas Women) with special design details and a whole lot of love. These flats are proof that you can achieve just about anything if you’re wearing the right pair of shoes! So if you’re in the market for a new pair of everyday shoes…the Ella Flats are definitely the ones you should be looking for.

Nevertheless, to ensure you find your perfect fit, there are just a few things we'd like to highlight here at Seecaas:

  1. We recommend sizing up if you are normally a half size! For example, if you usually wear a 7.5, we recommend an 8 to give yourself room for the break in process!
  2. Since the shoes are 100% real leather,some pairs may require a bit of break in time.
  3. A tip for breaking in your pair: wear a thick sock with your flats and walk around the house – this is an easy way to make sure your favorite new shoe is also the perfect fit.
  4. The straps are removable and interchangeable! Since they are easily detachable, you can interchange any set of straps with any pair of flats, effortlessly designing the Ella Flats of your dreams. You can also wear the pointed flat without the strap to switch up your look or fit your favorite pair with a different hemline.
With that said, Shop Seecaas!

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