Leave a Little Sparkle!

When Seecaas set out to design the perfect fashionable flat, we knew it needed a couple of things.  After all, it’s the details that matter!  

First and foremost, a comfortable flat shoe is always the answer! That’s why we designed the Ella Flat with a buttery and ultra-soft genuine leather.  For those shopping trips walking around New York City to a date night out on the town—your feet will fall in love with the padded insoles! 

When it comes to superior style, a flat shoe isn’t what you always think of.  However, with Seecaas, our goal is to redefine the definition of a fashion-forward flat. The luxe detailing on our removable ankle strap is not only functional, but also adds dash of sass!

The most important detail of all… a shoe with a mission!  Each pair of Seecaas is adorned with a gold glittery bottom so you can leave a little sparkle everywhere you go! This mission is driven by random acts of kindness and being a light that shines for others.

When you step into a pair of Ella Flats, you step into style on a mission to shine!  Our signature gold-bottom flats were thoughtfully designed to ensure that no matter where you’re headed, you’ll arrive there in style.  Just take a peek at the soles of our flats and you’ll see gold sparkle throughout.  The sparkling details are what truly allow our shoes to shine.  Let every shimmering step you take be special. 

The soles aren’t the only place we added a dash of sparkle though.  Our removable and washable insoles have beautiful gold recyclable thread woven throughout. Our functional insoles also showcase a triangle pattern to represent our commitment to helping families grow through adoption.  That’s why each pair of Ella Flats purchased benefits the Seecaas Hope for Adoption Foundation.  These really are shoes on a mission! 

With each step you take in the Ella, you can feel confident knowing you are spreading joy to others.  The sparkly details on our shoes serve as a reminder that kindness and joy are everywhere.  No matter where you roam, it’s time to leave a little sparkle everywhere you go in the Seecaas Ella Flat!

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