Introducing: Custom Monogrammed Seecaas

Craving Some Fashion?

I think everyone can agree that now more than ever, we find ourselves tirelessly re-wearing the same things on repeat. These days, it seems as though anything goes in the fashion world, while our style regimens are starting to look very different than they did a few months ago. However, just because we’re spending more time at home, doesn’t mean we need to scale back on our sense of style or give up our beloved days of dressing up. The truth is, we don’t need an excuse to get dressed up. During moments like these, what we need is a little inspiration to pick us back up, and that is exactly what Seecaas’ new product release will do. So say goodbye to your boring loungewear and hello to custom fashion pieces.

The Power Pair Missing from Your Shoe Collection

Coming your way this September is Seecaas’ most exciting launch yet – monogrammed flats! Just when we thought the Ella Flats were already the most versatile flat on the market, Seecaas has found a way to add another new spin to them. Currently missing from your shoe collection, the monogrammed Ella Flat is the statement piece that will take your shoe game to the next level. It’s no secret that our outfits have become pretty dull lately, but lucky for us, this shoe is the perfect fix. Finally, we have a solution that will bring confidence back into our wardrobes and cure the endless days of WFH uniforms. This is one of the simplest ways to add a personal flare to each of your daily ensembles without overspending or overthinking. You’re welcome!

Change up your Look

Even if you have no plans to go anywhere, it’s time to switch up your jaded shoe rotation with these not-so-boring ballet flats. Whether you’re working from home or not, I guarantee that once you refresh your style with a custom pair, you will wonder how you ever went without them before. This is a fashion staple you may never have known you needed, but it is definitely something you won’t be able to live without now that we’ve brought it to your attention (sorry). But best of all, not only are these shoes an ideal way for you to change up your routine look, but they are also an amazing gift that screams thoughtfulness. I think it’s safe to say that the only thing better than our favorite Ella Flats is customized Ella Flats.

Make Some Room

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m beyond excited for this upcoming launch. As a rising trend, personalized pieces are sure to become an everyday staple in all of our closets, and these flats can be the first of many. Personally, I am so sick of my boring basics and can’t wait to add some creative edge to my look, starting from the shoes up with a custom pair of flats. So girls, get ready for our exciting new release and start making room in your shoe closet. Look out classic Ella Flats, these stamped flats are here to make a statement!

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