Fashion Designer with Heart

When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a teacher. I would line my doll babies and stuffed animals up to teach them all of the lessons I learned in school. I truly never thought I would be a fashion designer. When I think back though, one of my favorite toys were the fashion plates that you would put under paper and then use crayons to color on top of and design your own clothing. I should have known then that I was destined to be a fashion designer!

After my second son, Eli, was born, I loved dressing my two boys in matching and coordinating outfits. I would go out and shop for them, then think to myself, “I could design the exact clothing that I want for them instead.” So I came home, told my husband Adam my idea, and we started Smocked Polkadot in 2014! 

Smocked Polkadot creates adorable AND affordable outfits for kids. They can all be monogrammed to give your littles a little extra flair! Of course, a portion of every purchase goes toward our adoption grant foundation.

In December 2018, the idea came to me to start the Seecaas Hope for Adoption Foundation. I wanted to find a way to help other families with the financial hurdles that adoption can bring. (Read more about our foundation here!)

As I was thinking about starting the foundation, I knew that I wanted to design a chic ballet flat that had the adoption symbols throughout — that’s where Seecaas came from! I kept thinking of the whole adoption process as a journey, and everyone knows that every epic, scary, hard, wonderful journey deserves a great pair of shoes!

When I create my designs for Seecaas, I can describe what’s in my head to Adam, and he’ll sketch out what I’m describing until we come up with just the right design. That’s right — I’m a fashion designer who can’t sketch! But I am really good at describing my vision, and that’s what counts! From there, we work with a great production company to manufacture our Ella Flats. 

I like to think that I’m proof that you really can do anything you put your mind to, even if there are a LOT of things you want to put your mind to! I’m a wife, mother, friend, fashion designer, business owner, AND podcaster! My dear friend Brandi and I just released our third episode of The Darling Journey, a podcast that covers all things adoption. If you’re interested in our adoption stories or adoption in general, you can listen on iTunes or Spotify. Be sure to follow @TheDarlingJourney on Instagram so you can see when new episodes come out!

Finally, there’s is one more thing: I’m working on a children's book! I cannot wait for that to happen. I read the book to my children every night even though it is not out yet. 

So stay tuned — you never know what this multi-passionate fashion designer will get into next!

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