Essential Summer Lineup

A Wardrobe Staple

There is only a selection of pieces that I would consider indispensable when it comes to my summer wardrobe. Flats are definitely a no brainer. A staple for every fashion girls closet, flats are the shoes you can count on, through and through. My essential line up includes my favorite pairs of Seecaas, while forever proving to be the perfect option for all of my summer moments. I have found that no matter the occasion, I can always rely on a pair of Ella Flats to go with virtually any outfit. Dress it up or dress it down – these flats are obligatory for all outings and elevate every look with a simple touch of sparkle.  

Fashion Meets Comfort

Whether working from home, on the go, or checking off your list of daily to do’s you’ll always want to be in your most comfortable shoe. So why not wear a shoe that's both cozy and fashionable? With Seecaas you can have it all - style and comfort. Herein lies why the Ella Flats are the most necessary purchase this season. Not only have I have found the Seecaas flats to be comfy, but I have also found them to be very versatile while there are so many fun, different ways to style them. With the removable strap design, you can interchange them, pairing any strap with any flat! Not feeling a strap one day? You can choose to not wear one at all and just slip into your flats – strap free! This accessible feature allows you to play around with your fashion choices and ultimately create your dream flat. The possibilities are endless as you can truly make the most out of your shoe collection with the Ella Flats. I know the saying is usually 2 in 1, but with the Ella Flats, it’s more like 10 in 1!

Find Your Perfect Match

I have developed a new found love for interchanging my collection of cap toe shoes with the unique straps, as I am always looking for the perfect fit depending on my outfit of the day (or mood haha). However, I do have a favorite combination of course! My favorite pairing is the Light Tan Ella Flat with the tan studded strap! I love curating a chill, summery look with this soft yet edgy style. Personally, neutrals are my go to for the ultimate warm weather aesthetic and this Seecaas combo always creates the perfect ensemble for me. And trust me, when you find your favorite pairing, you’ll know (it just clicks). They've honestly become my holy grail these last few months and without a doubt the highlight of every one of my mornings. I have found that lounging in my Ella Flats is definitely my happy place – all summer long. Even though summer looks a little different this year, our shoes don't have to!

Seecaas of the Moment

Classic Navy With Light Tan Cap Toe

Styling Tip: switch up your look for summer and wear the Ella Flats without the strap; be bold and have fun with your Seecaas!


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